Frank de Jong

Knowledge of interest: idea-centered learning (knowledge creation); (self-regulated) learning, CSCL (computer supported collaborative learning, CSCL), vocational education, workplace learning and development of professionals; Developmental Work Research).

My passion: learning and development. How education and professional development can support learning by starting from the learner and his learning as a process of building and developing his own theories and finding his own uniqueness with conscious of care for and being a part of nature as essential for mankind to find sustainable solutions, insights, wisdom, wellbeing and to survive.
We develop a 2 years part time MEd learning and innovation program based on the knoweldge buidling pedagogy and wor in the program with learning communities and communiteis of practices.

Since 2006 I enjoy a professorate of education (Dutch: lector) at Stoas Vilentum University of applied sciences and teacher education. Initially assigned to "Learning and development of teachers" (initially combined with a part-time professorate at the CAH-Dronten Applied university). Since 2010, a full time senior professorate with the assignment ‘knowledge creation and ecologically intelligent thinking). My background is in Educational and Experimental Psychology. I obtained my doctorate (1992) at Tilburg University on the topic 'self-regulated learning, a process approach ". I worked at several universities (UT, TUE, WUR, KUN) and in industry as manager (LSOP police, NS-Training & development). I’m chairman of the VOR Division Learning and Instruction and Chair of EAPRIL