Dani Ben-Zvi

Learning communities are a way of life for me. I have been a member, designer, moderator and researchers of learning communities in a variety of contexts and domains. In the workshop, I shall focus on two LCs. The first is SRTL - an international collaboration for research on statistical reasoning, thinking and literacy – a community of researchers and statistics educators that I co-established in 1999 with Garfield and moderated since then. The second is DRDLC – a dialogic-reflective discourse learning community – a learning community of graduate students studying the learning sciences and enculturating into a learning community.

My research interests focus on two important aspects of human life: statistical reasoning and technology-enhanced learning communities. Two of my gradute students - Shiri and Yotam - will participte in the workshop and present their research in the conference. I am married to Hava and have four children: Michal, Dagan, Nir and Noa. I lived all my life in Israel and was a member of a Kibbutz for many years.